Services to dentists

First line dentists can refer their patients to a pediatric dentist of their choice when general anesthesia is needed. Alternatively, they can call directly the secretariat of the Clinique d’Anesthésie Dentaire AGM dialing 514 955-6787.  We will be happy to help organize a consult with one of our affiliated dentists as fast as possible.

At the Clinique d’Anesthésie AGM, it is also possible for any dentist to come and treat their own patients under general anesthesia using our high quality technical platform.

Our operating room has 4 workstations equipped with Aristocrat dental chairs, X-Ray units, first quality suctions and compressors, dental units, and modern sterilization equipement.

Dentists bring their own assistant, and carry their own material (crowns, fillings, drills, etc).

We bill the dentist an hourly fee for using a workstation.

We respect optimal standards of anesthesia care for our personnel and equipement. Dentists can contact us to get information or come and visit the clinic.