Our clinic offers specialized care for pediatric patients needing general anesthesia for dental treatments and myringotomies. Our mission is to improve accessibility by eliminate waiting lists for children requiring surgeries under anesthesia. Even if the vast majority of our activity is directed toward treating children, we also accept patients of all ages needing general anesthesia for implants, parodontics, endodontics, maxillo-facial surgery, etc. 

Our values are the quest for excellence, kindness and patient safety, partnership, individual and collective commitment, respect and integrity. We believe that we can provide the best possible anesthetic experience for each child and family.


If your child needs to have his/her dental treatment under general anethesia, it is usually your dentist that will make arrangements directly with us and book the intervention. Otherwise,  you can call us directly and we will be happy to organize a referal to one of our affiliated pediatric dentist. The pediatric dentist will evaluate your child’s condition and will decide if general anesthesia is indicated. The dentist will give you all the information and instructions for the procedure.